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Article: Slow life: what if we reclaimed time?

Slow life: et si on se réappropriait le temps ?

Slow life: what if we reclaimed time?

To keep moving forward at the current frenetic pace, we are not going to continue for long and neither is our planet, are we? Hence the interest of relearning to live at your own pace by discovering slow life , this counter-movement born in the 80s...

Slow life is a call to change your habits

The slow movement is interested in all aspects of everyday life. We talk about “slow food”, “slow tourism” and even “slow philosophy”! Dedicated to quality of life, slow life is part of an eco-responsible approach to return to something authentic. Eat better, live healthier, prefer simplicity, employ local craftsmen and above all... lighten your schedule to have time to live each experience to the fullest!

Adopt slow life to better review your priorities

When we do “less” in “better”, inevitably, we must do what counts the “more”! That is to say, we must focus on the essential. By adopting the slow life , we choose to enjoy the present moment with simplicity and make better use of our time. There is no more room for the constraints and the daily interferences which monopolize our attention and distract us from what is true.

“less” but “better”

When we practice “slow business”, for example, we do not seek to work less, we just choose to promote a better balance between our private life and our professional life to remain effective in the long term. With “slow tourism”, for example, we favor a boat trip to enjoy the pleasure of seeing the coast appear rather than visiting all the museums in one day.

Why adopt the slow life ?

If the s low movement has come a long way over the past 40 years, it's because we feel the need for it more and more. The slow life shows us the way to recharge our batteries, sort it out, regain energy and creativity in order to live our life rather than see it scroll by!

What if we took a different look at time?

Adopting the slow life also means choosing to change your view of time. How to join the slow movement when we are governed by constraints beyond our control? How to continue to be on time while taking your time?

Translating slow life in a watchmaking workshop

For Vasco Watch , it is by starting by taking a different look at time that we open the way to more freedom. Our 24H watches praise slowness , the single-hand models invite us to move away from "to the minute" precision to allow ourselves a freer perception of time... We have chosen to redefine our vision of time to reclaim it at our own pace.

Several eco-design avenues have allowed us to manufacture less and better, and to make our products last: this will be the subject of another article, friends :)

Slow life is also an opportunity for us to take advantage of the 24-hour format to offer an interesting complication in your quest for technological detachment: the compass! On the Nautique , it is located on the outer ring of the watch and allows you to find your way around.

As you will have understood, slow life is an invitation to live each moment with accuracy to favor quality moments rather than a quantity of moments!

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