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Article: The 24-hour watch or the praise of slowness

La montre 24h ou l'éloge de la lenteur

The 24-hour watch or the praise of slowness

You wear a 24H watch to affirm a lifestyle, to express a personal desire to take a different look at the passage of time, to move forward at your own pace and to take advantage of the slow life . A 24H watch invites you to take your time to put an end to the frantic race where the hours pass like minutes!


Why go fast, when you can go slow?

With a traditional watch, the dial is graduated over twelve hours. To represent a full day, the hour hand makes two revolutions of the dial. Conversely, the 24H watch divides the dial into twenty-four units. Your day therefore passes at the rate of one turn of the dial per day. And this is where the feeling of living your life at your own pace takes shape! The hour hand moves half as fast for the same result. She takes the time to move forward and you too at the same time! As if you were simply going to the same place, with half the steps... Admit that saving effort is always very tempting... You finally take the time to enjoy life!

With a 24H watch, the time is right!

The 24H watch offers you the opportunity to experience each hour for what it is: unique! With a simple look, you see that each hour that passes exists only for itself and you can savor every minute of it. A single glance is enough to know where you are and measure the time you have left to enjoy the day!

Because if there is one particularity that should be noted on your 24H watch, it is that its movement is perfectly synchronized with the course of your day and the time marker is unequivocal! When the cycle begins, you have the whole day ahead of you: the alarm clock rings only once, it's noon only at one place on the dial and when it's time to go to bed, your eyes close on the satisfaction of having lived this day fully because each moment was unique.


What if the 24H watch offered you twice as many possibilities?

We agree, the perception of time is unique to everyone! Sometimes it goes too fast, and sometimes... it's long, very long! By taking the time to think about it, with a 24-hour dial, you visually offer yourself twice as much time space.

And I don't know about you, but, even if it's purely symbolic because time goes by at the same speed on a traditional watch or on a 24H watch, I like the idea of ​​having twice as many possibilities while taking my time!

Which Vasco model best defines this slowness?

The second hand adds a lively side to this very special display but, between us, all our 24h watches have this specificity of being slow. This is the charm of our collection. In the field of these 24-hour counters, the single-hand still remains the reference watch.

With us, it lives up to its name: the Solitaire.

Solitaire - 24h watch - Vasco Watch

Take the time to read, reflect, live each moment. Take the time to read, reflect, live each moment.


Photographs: Albane Delacommune

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