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Article: 10 unusual places to enjoy the slow life - Part 1 /3

10 lieux insolites où profiter de la slow life - Première partie /3

10 unusual places to enjoy the slow life - Part 1 /3

You understood it well, at Vasco Watch , we love slow life ! And as we like to travel, we have decided to present you some unusual places where time no longer matters, to better recharge your batteries... In three steps, we present to you 10 places where life is good. Today, stopovers in a Spanish desert and in the cold Finnish and Alaskan.

Bardenas area

The Aire de Bardenas hotel near the Bardenas Reales nature reserve in Spain makes you discover a desert landscape in absolute calm. One of the only places that we present to you here where we went. A special moment when the motionless landscape invites us to gaze into the distance to try to capture the slightest movement and live as if time had stopped. Just over 3 hours by road from our workshop in Bordeaux... slow_life_vasco_watchslow_life_vasco_watch


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

With the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, you immerse yourself in the infinity of stars by observing the sky and the northern lights from your glass igloo. A clear view of the sky is offered to you all night long to observe the race of the stars in complete tranquility, in the warmth.

Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast

In Alaska, it is the Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast that offers you to experience movement at a standstill. Old train carriages are arranged according to different eras to take a leap into the past and enjoy the slow life while admiring the view of the Tanana Valley. On the road to "Into the wild" and the adventure of Christopher McCandless .

And while waiting for the second part, here is a magnificent work by Pierre Brault around this concept of "Slow life":

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Slow life: et si on se réappropriait le temps ?

Slow life: what if we reclaimed time?

In a few examples, we summarize here what slow life is and what it means to us at Vasco Watch.

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