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YE A A A A A A A A H !!


We have succeeded ! Congratulation !

Thanks to all of you, I'm going to have to shout really really loud for every backer to hear that amazing feeling of a complete and successful campaign! 🙂 I hope you too can feel it.

It was a very rewarding crowdfunding experience. Participatory. Yes, that's the word because each of you participated in this campaign to make it even better and unique. And that's no exaggeration 🙂

So now? What do we do?

Kickstarter gave me some tools. I will send you a form to fill out where you can indicate your choices (model, color of the case, color of the bracelet, size, etc.).

I'm still working on the prototypes so that everything arrives in your mailbox in July. The packaging is on the way and the serigraphs too. 😉 You will find at the end of the article how the bracelet quick-release system works.

• About the numbered watches , I will ask you for your favorite numbers, and the first to have contributed to the project will have priority. Then it will be in the order of the contributions. For example, if you were the sixth and your numbers are all gone, then I would assign you 06/24. You can choose a black box because the numbering will be on the back of the stainless steel box.

• Regarding bracelet sizes , I am currently working on a smaller size that will fit smaller wrists.

In any case, I hope that you too have enjoyed the campaign as much as I have & I only expect one thing: that my watches are yours.

See you soon, and thank you again,



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