Milanese mesh bracelet - Stainless steel

  • Milanese mesh in stainless steel .
  • 20mm width.
  • Three colors: brushed metal, matte gray, matte black.
  • Quick hitch system.
  • Ships within three business days.

    “We design our products with manufacturers and
    carefully selected materials. »

    It is thanks to craftsmen and manufacturers around the world to whom we entrust our designs that everything is realized. Everything is assembled and checked here before being shipped to you.
    We are proud of this relationship of trust that binds us.

    “Vasco works on pre-order
    to avoid overproduction. »

    Overconsumption can no longer be the benchmark. We are a generation where we must limit our uses and waste without drawing a line under the products we love.

    These products, we wanted them in quality more than in quantity : once the object is finished and ready to last , we then launch pre-orders with a reduced margin . There's something for everyone, even if it means longer shipping times.
    When production is complete, we always budget 1/3 more for direct sales and to meet industry minimums, which is why some models are in stock and others for pre-order.
    But we assume :)

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    Vasco fonctionne en précommande pour éviter la surproduction.

    "C'est grâce à des artisans et des fabricants dans le monde entier
    à qui l'on confie nos dessins que tout se réalise.

    Le tout est assemblé et vérifié ici avant de vous être expédié.
    On est fiers de cette relation de confiance qui nous lie. »
    "Voici pourquoi nous estimons un délai de fabrication qui peut éventuellement varier
    (- ou +) selon les difficultés que nous rencontrons. »

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