Here is the Manifesto of our Vasco Watch brand.

Filmed at the Wharf of Arcachon in the middle of winter, a moment of communion with nature: winds and tides against us, it was an ideal time to take out our watches.

Shooting: Marius Longo

Music: TAUR – Black Fire

Photos: Sacha Studio

“It is time for me to tell you my story. I could have told you about it anytime, but that's the story. You see, I was born underwater in an elegant ship, but I was destined for long, deep scuba diving. Without ever weakening.

That's why I was made to operate in 24 hours, because when the stars and the sun dive 20,000 leagues under the sea, 24-hour watches ensured that everyone could perform their duties with lucidity, being aware of the time, without ever anguish.

I made sure to keep the sailors sane as they sailed into darkness and oblivion. I was imagined, created, sketched, drawn, modeled, prototyped and then finalized to give you the best and most complete watch experience in 24 hours.

In the end, no matter how far away and how the weather changes, whether the next 24 hours are dark or bathed in light, you will always have that feeling of feeling alive.

My name is Vasco , and I'm real time. »