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Article: Update

Mise à jour


Hello everyone !

Here's a little production update 😉

1. The boxes are ready > We are starting the finishing touches! ✓

The implementation of production with our industrial partner went very well and we are on schedule. We were able to finalize the entire manufacturing process and we plan to start finishing on the boxes for this week > gray and black sandblasting.

2. The dials and hands are almost ready , no problem to report on that side.

3. Ronda is late..
We have a delay in the production of the movements of the Swiss manufacturer: Ronda does not have enough parts in stock because the 515-24H movement is a rather rare and little used movement. They need to produce more for our order and expect a delay of 5-8 days to produce them.
4. The bracelets will be finished by the middle of July and we will only have to assemble the buckles and the spring bars. But thanks to you, it will be a little easier for us too thanks to the quick-attach system! 😉
5. The packaging is ready! ✓
It's not revolutionary but we wanted a quality case, special and simple at the same time.

We do our best to be able to deliver our watch to you as soon as possible. Currently, we are on schedule for delivery from July 25th.

Thank you for your patience!

We can't wait to see Vasco on your wrist!


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