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It all started in 2016 in Bordeaux: Vasco Watch quickly became a benchmark French brand in 24-hour watches . With this singularity , Vasco brings an original reading of time where the hands make their revolution over a full day.

Basically useful for submariners and astronauts deprived of light and therefore of the notion of time, these watches today highlight the philosophy of Slow Time where we take advantage of this time which passes before our eyes.

Synonymous with innovation and characteristic differentiation, enhanced by a minimalist design, a Vasco watch never goes unnoticed.


Why "Vasco"? For Vasco De Gama, evocative of great maritime expeditions, and therefore refers to this marine universe at the base of our 24-hour watch project.

By chance / or coincidence, this man of adventures left our world on December 24, 1524.. 12/24/24.