Cappuccino leather card holder


A 100% leather and local creation by LUAP

Tired of filling your pockets? This minimalist card holder is made for you! Carry the essentials, nothing more: credit card, driving license (new format), your various cards etc… and even some banknotes — if you like origami! ⌁

It is made in our workshop in the South-West of France, with quality leather: a vegetable-tanned collar (for the curious, the collar corresponds to the skin of the animal's neck. It is a solid leather, supple and firm at the same time. Tanning is the process that transforms the skin into leather).

To optimize the design & manufacture on a small scale, the cutting of the different pieces of leather is carried out by laser. After hot embossing our logo, we sew it by hand with a lined linen thread for maximum strength that will stand the test of time.

This card holder will be formatted according to its content: you can for example see that between the photo where it is empty, and the one with the formatting template (black, which corresponds to ±7 cards), the card holder thickens to gain volume.
Its leather, with a natural look and satin feel, darkens with the sun and acquires a patina with use (in the photos in the woods, the model is around 1 year old). The more you slip it into your pocket, the more unique this card holder will be. He's just waiting for you to write his story.

Only 2 pieces in stock!

Leather: Full Grain – Vegetable Tanned Collar
Colour: Cappuccino
Width: 105 millimeters
Height: 70 millimeters
Leather thickness: ± 1.5 millimeters
Lined linen thread: Ecru
Capacity: ± 7 cards
Finish: Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax
#plasticfree 🌏


“We design our products with manufacturers and
carefully selected materials. »

It is thanks to craftsmen and manufacturers around the world to whom we entrust our designs that everything is realized. Everything is assembled and checked here before being shipped to you.
We are proud of this relationship of trust that binds us.

“Vasco works on pre-order
to avoid overproduction. »

Overconsumption can no longer be the benchmark. We are a generation where we must limit our uses and waste without drawing a line under the products we love.

These products, we wanted them in quality more than in quantity : once the object is finished and ready to last , we then launch pre-orders with a reduced margin . There's something for everyone, even if it means longer shipping times.
When production is complete, we always budget 1/3 more for direct sales and to meet industry minimums, which is why some models are in stock and others for pre-order.
But we assume :)

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