The Mediterranean house



The Mediterranean house brings the new Mediterranean style into your interior.

From California to Morocco, from Portugal to Mexico, Mediterranean minimalism is reinventing itself. Warm and sober, it expresses itself in modern interiors by mixing tradition and contemporary aesthetics. Inspired by the sun-drenched landscapes of the big blue, it magnifies natural materials and brings light into your interior.

The Mediterranean house introduces you to residences from around the world that mix earthy shades and colorful fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture and Berber carpets against a backdrop of whitewashed walls and terracotta tiles. By focusing on the designers and architects who are paving the way for this new art of living by drawing on local craftsmanship, this book invites you to bring this sumptuous sunny minimalism into your home and create spaces evoking sea spray. and sand, just like your vacation.

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Editors: gestalten
Release date: May 2021
Size: 22.5 × 29 cm
Features: Color, hardcover, sewn, 288 pages
ISBN: 978-3-96704-016-6

This book was printed in Italy.
FSC™️ certified (Forest Stewardship Council™️)

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