Kit to make your knife


A pocket knife in your image, 100% customizable

To offer you a knife kit is above all to offer you a memorable experience in the manufacture of your pocket knife.

We are convinced that nothing is more rewarding than designing an object with your own hands. An object that will follow you everywhere.
So take the time and have fun!

5 steps to a memorable experience

Thanks to this Acolyte kit, you will be able to make your pocket knife in just 5 steps:

  1. Shape the handle as you wish (carving tool not included)
  2. Sand the wood
  3. Treat and protect your handle with linseed oil and/or customize it
  4. Assemble your knife

Step 5 (the most important): Enjoy your new Sidekick!

Easy to make, an all-in-one kit to create your own knife

You will be able to taste the pleasure of craftsmanship and woodworking.
Whether you are manual or on the contrary you run away from the idea of ​​driving a nail, this kit is made for you! It does not require any special knowledge or talent. These are simple techniques, fun and accessible to all.
It is an experience to live alone or an original gift to offer to make a useful object: at the table, as an aperitif, in a restaurant, on a walk,...

You can create a personalized knife, a unique pocket knife.
The wooden handles are raw, they have not undergone any treatment. You can paint them, carve them and even burn them. Everyone has their own desires!

Only 4 pieces in stock!

So that the forest remains a huge playground, we incorporate eco-design rules into our manufacturing process. Acolye is a member of "1% for the planet", we donate 1% of our turnover to associations for the preservation of the environment. The wooden handles are PEFC* certified, for respect and sustainable management of the forest.

This kit contains:
* a sharp stainless steel blade (14C28N)
* two pre-formed and drilled beech or PEFC* walnut wood plates
* a spacer to bring aesthetics and balance the knife
* the hardware required for assembly (sandpaper, screws and an Allen key)
* a bottle of beeswax to sustainably nourish and protect the wood
* a notice that will accompany you in the stages of realization

Knife size:
Length: 19.4 cm Blade: 9 cm Wood species: PEFC* beech, from French forests Weight: 55 grams
Attention :
This blade is already sharpened. Don't try to judge it for yourself at the risk of cutting yourself. We do not (yet) provide dressings.

*PEFC: Program for the Recognition of Forest Certifications is a forest certification that promotes the sustainable management and protection of forests.

“We design our products with manufacturers and
carefully selected materials. »

It is thanks to craftsmen and manufacturers around the world to whom we entrust our designs that everything is realized. Everything is assembled and checked here before being shipped to you.
We are proud of this relationship of trust that binds us.

“Vasco works on pre-order
to avoid overproduction. »

Overconsumption can no longer be the benchmark. We are a generation where we must limit our uses and waste without drawing a line under the products we love.

These products, we wanted them in quality more than in quantity : once the object is finished and ready to last , we then launch pre-orders with a reduced margin . There's something for everyone, even if it means longer shipping times.
When production is complete, we always budget 1/3 more for direct sales and to meet industry minimums, which is why some models are in stock and others for pre-order.
But we assume :)

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